Ingredients of AgileHR


Experimentation and adaptive learning
End of HR ‘best practice’ and big bang change. Agile methodology. Solve complex problems fast. Feedback on experience v surveyed opinions. Fuelled by science and tech. 

Agile work practices for HR
Scrum. Kanban. Lean. SAFe. HR must be Agile to build Agile organisations. Shift from hierarchy to open, distributed networks. Self-organising. Multi-skilled. Cross-functional. 

Evidence-based HR
Credible, strategic people partner. People analytics. Big data. Data science. Challenge to quick fix and latest fad behaviour. HR learning from marketing.

Impact of social media. Pay transparency. Gender. Diversity. Trust in open, networked organisation. OKRs. Open goal planning.

Digitalised, smart tech future
Internet of things. Automation. Robotisation. Personalised learning on demand. Social hiring. Job and org design. Renewable energy. Environment.

Lean startup
Reduce complexity and waste. Value-creating vs wasteful effort. Lean people operations. Product development. Innovation.

Employee voice. Instant feedback. Multi-generational and diverse workforce. Harness knowledge not manage resources. Work with people not ‘on’ people.

Work should be fun. HR are people too (not the fun police). Hackathons. Design time. Work is creativity. Office space design. 

Shared value
Culture. Brand. Trust. Shared value between business, customer and employee. Organisational and context specific. Sharing economy. Gigging economy.   

People and purpose
More than money. Mastery, autonomy and purpose. Values fit. Intrinsic motivators. Wellness. Mindfulness. Sustainability. People experience (delight our customer).