Agile HR Meetups: A Learning Network To Innovate HR

Back in 2016, I was wondering what I could do to bring other people together who wanted to innovate Human Resources (HR).

At countless HR events, I heard ‘the world of work is transforming, and HR needs to change’. However, something was missing from discussions - how to do it. The drivers for change were listed, and everything wrong with traditional HR, such as overly complicated processes and lack of focus on people experience. Repeatedly, participants left events worried about their future and what to do next. So, I decided to start Agile HR Meetups. What are they about and how can you get involved?

Based on my experiences, I believe Agile HR offers the HR profession a way to find the answers to these problems. No, Agile HR is not a panacea and isn’t the answer itself. Instead, it offers a mindset and methodology that helps us intimately collaborate with our people and co-create the answers.

Lead By Example

If we are to build the adaptive, digitalised and networked organisations demanded by our rapidly changing world, then we must become Agile ourselves. By embracing the Agile HR mindset, we release ourselves from the past shackles of static, compliance-driven HR, and we can start to build awesome places of work, where great people want to be.

How Does HR Do Agile?

The answer is, of course, your way!
Just like Agile, there are no prescribed formulas or frameworks to buy that magically make Agile HR happen. Depending on your organisation's industry, size and where you are personally on the Agile transformative journey, each example of Agile HR in action can look and feel significantly different.

This need to discover and evolve our own distinct style of Agile HR means it’s vital to learn from a variety of case studies and experiences. Indeed, Agile HR heralds the death of HR best practice as we know it, and the only way to innovate is to test and validate the best approach for your team and organisation.

You're Not Alone

Agile HR can be a bit scary if done alone, and the purpose of the Agile HR Meetup is to build an ongoing learning network, where people share stories, ideas and their direct experiences in evolving their own Agile HR model. As such, it’s a type of support group, because being a pioneer and working outside your comfort zone can feel lonely and challenging at times.

The Agile HR Meetup aims to be a true community of practice, by creating a safe environment where people can ask the questions relevant to them, whether a novice in Agile HR or an everyday practitioner.

The 'How' of It

Agile HR is also about how we redesign HR to enable Agile organisations and teams. At the Agile HR Meetup we explore case studies and examples in how to transform our approach to performance management, learning and development (L&D), reward, engagement, talent acquisition, people development and organisational culture, to support Agile ways of working and enrich people’s workplace experience.

Join us

Look out for Agile HR Meetups in Edinburgh, London, Amsterdam and Sydney, over the coming months in collaboration with people and organisations leading the way in Agile HR.

London Massive Morning Meetup

In September, we return to London for our Massive Morning Meetup, a paid event that offers hands-on experience in applying Agile HR, while munching on some breakfast.

If you don’t see your city in this list and want to bring the Agile HR Meetup to your town, please get in touch.

All are welcome. Our participants include HR Directors, HR Business Partners, Learning and Development specialists, Agile coaches and People and Change consultants.

Can’t wait to see you there and learn your Agile HR story.


A collection of pics from recent Agile HR Meetups in Sydney and Leeds. 

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