Southern Blue are go!

Wow, I still can't quite believe it. I get to do what I love each day? Awesome!

It's been a fascinating personal journey to get to this point. A few months ago I decided to take  a break from the corporate scene and spend a bit of time exploring new places, and as it turned out, my own career motivations. Refreshed and renewed by a fabulous European summer I started to interview yet surprised myself by saying no to a few permanent positions. At first I thought perhaps I’m seeking an industry change but then I realised it’s not what I do, because I love that, it is where and how I do it. 

I came to realise that I crave the flexibility, mobility and fast pace dynamics of consulting and interim work. Time and time again I’ve been encouraged to move back into consulting by my peers and previous mangers, as it suits my working style. As many who have worked with me know, I am a doer. So I add the most value when there is a problem to solve and the answer is a need for an organisation or team to make a change. 

By starting Southern Blue I get to do what I love and give the best of what I do to my clients each day. It seems like a great deal! My first few assignments are coming in so I’ll have lots of ideas to share over the coming months as I reflect on each project. 

In the meantime please tell me what you think about my new website and any problems you need me to solve for your business. 


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