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Agile HR Fundamentals – One Day Learning Workshop

  • London United Kingdom (map)

Why attend?

Agile HR is an overarching title describing future HR (Human Resources) and how to innovate the profession. 

As technology drives an ever increasing need for speed and agility, the world of work is shifting. To remain relevant, HR needs to evolve.

Agile HR takes the software development mindset so prevalent in tech and start-up success stories and translates it into a people and culture setting. It moves beyond traditional HR ‘best practice’ and advocates an intimate partnership with your people and leaders, to co-create flexible, lean, real time, people-centred solutions.

Agile HR can help revolutionise results. However, it can be challenging for HR professionals to start working in this new way and step outside their ‘HR comfort zone’.

The Agile HR fundamentals workshop equips you with a toolbox of knowledge and skills that helps you implement and adapt Agile HR for your own team and/or organisation.

What will I learn? 

  • An exploration of global trends and how the world of work is transforming
  • A deep understanding of the Agile HR mindset   
  • How Agile HR innovates organisational development and people operations
  • A working knowledge of the Agile values 
  • A translation of basic Agile methodology into a HR, people and culture setting
  • Practical tools to help you apply Agile HR back in your own workplace  
  • The formation of your own Agile HR vision and pathway
  • To share ideas and learn from peers

What can I expect?

  • 1-day face-to-face interactive learning workshop
  • 1-hour virtual coaching session 2-4 weeks following the program
  • Program materials and online copies
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Ongoing membership in the Agile HR community

What topics will be covered? 

Group exercises, discussions, brainstorms and individual reflection will be based around the following content:

The evolving workplace

  • Big picture exploration of global trends revolutionising the world of work
  • Visualising the future organisation in a post-digital age
  • The impact on HR and current challenges faced by the profession

What is Agile?

  • A short history of Agile
  • The Agile manifesto
  • What does an Agile organisation look like?

What is Agile HR?

  • Exploring the Agile HR mindset – an evolving practice
  • Designing HR to lead an Agile organisation
  • What does it mean to make HR evidence-based?
  • Case studies - Using Agile HR to innovate organisational development/HR solutions (e.g. talent, performance, culture, learning and development, and reward)

Agile methodologies for HR

  • A basic introduction to Scrum and Kanban, and how to apply these frameworks to your own HR practice

Lean Startup HR

  • How does Lean Startup drive experimental business development?
  • The benefits of applying a Lean Startup approach to HR? 

 Getting practical with Agile HR

  • Apply Agile HR to your own HR or people and culture project, issue or team
  • Map out a vision and pathway on how to start Agile HR back in your own workplace
  • Group presentation, feedback and personal learning

Who should attend this program?

All HR professionals or those working in people and culture roles, ready and able to innovate their own practice.



This event is sponsored by Perkbox, who has generously loaned the use of their Happiness Lab for the evening.  

Perkbox is a cloud-based employee perks and engagement platform for businesses of all sizes, giving employers and employees a range of great perks, social reward and recognition tools and health and wellness platforms that help promote the financial, emotional and physical wellbeing of their team. To learn more send an email to or call 0208 396 6812.


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Prefer in-house learning?

We can deliver tailored Agile HR learning and coaching for your organisation or team. Get in touch to discuss what you need. 

Cancellation terms

Southern Blue Consulting understands plans can change unexpectedly and offers the following cancellation terms to assist. Bookings cancelled up to 7 days prior to the workshop will be refunded in full (minus any Eventbrite processing fee if applicable). Any cancellations received less than 7 days prior to the workshop or no shows on the day cannot be refunded. These cancellation terms apply to this specific event and may vary for other events hosted by Southern Blue Consulting.