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Agile HR Meetup Sydney | ING | Developing Agile Capability

  • ING | Sydney 60 Margaret Street Sydney, NSW, 2000 Australia (map)

The Agile HR Meetup is back in Sydney this October. Our hosts are global Agile transformation leaders ING and our theme explores how to develop Agile capability within your teams and organisation. The Agile HR Meetup is a vital learning global network for HR, Learning and Development (L&D), Agile and, People and Culture professionals, on a mission to innovate HR and transform the profession for the future of work.

Developing Agile Capability

'“It’s all about mindset” is a common phrase heard when anyone talks about Agile ways of working or organisational transformation. But what is an Agile mindset and how can you help your people develop this capability?

Agile capability is a potent mix of the things people think and the things people do. It’s how we interact with each other, collaborate and experiment together. It’s a mindset that will come to underpin your culture and values, and it’s the behaviours that will harness your team networks, innovation and business success.

Our Hosts | ING

ING are reinventing the way Australians bank. Underpinning their success and dynamism is a strong vision to remain fresh, innovative and different from the rest. The crucial support system that makes this possible is ING’s great people culture. The banking group is also known globally as masters in Agile transformation, where each country and region clearly define their own Agile adventure and evolutionary path, as well as what Agile capability means for their people and their business.


Leonie Lübbers, from the ING Agile transformation team will share insights on the bank’s recent Agile adventures and how to develop and embed Agile capability. Leonie will also be joined by members of the ING HR team who will talk about their own experiences embracing Agile values and what it was like to personally try out new behaviours and ways of working.

Jane Weir, Agile HR leader and Agile HR Community partner based in Sydney, will join us to offer insights and learning from her own experiences in developing Agile teams, guiding wider organisational transformation and kick-starting an Agile mindset change within HR.

Natal Dank, an Agile HR pioneer and co-founder of the Agile HR Community, will co-host the evening and help you get practical by facilitating an interactive exercise on how to develop Agile capability within your own team or organisation.

What is Agile HR?

Transforming the fundamental principles of HR into People Operations leading Agile, digital and networked organisations. Agile HR aims to build a shared value between your customer, business and people by:

  • Mindset - Embracing the Agile mindset within Human Resources and people practices to incrementally deliver value to your customer.

  • Co-Create - Applying Agile techniques, like Scrum and Kanban, to self-organise, experiment and co-create directly with your people.

  • Human-centric - Building awesome, people friendly workplace practices that are validated by users

  • Evidence-based - Evidence-based decision making that delivers customer value through data, people analytics and insight.

  • Agile Transformation & Leadership - Consulting on Agile and digital organisational transformation, and coaching leaders

  • Employee Experience - Enriching the people experience at work and taking care of the human

What To Expect on the Night

  • An opportunity to meet and mingle with fellow HR professionals and leading Agile HR practitioners

  • Group discussion, two-way dialogue and sharing of stories

  • Drinks and snacks to keep you nourished

  • Guest speakers from people leading the way in Agile HR

Where When?

Venue: ING, 60 Margaret Street, Sydney 2000
Start time: 17:30 kick off
End time: 20.00

Who Should Come?

All HR, L&D and Agile professionals. Open to anyone willing and able to innovate the human side of their workplace.

Agile HR Community Certified Practitioner Program | Sydney 29th & 30th Oct

Agile HR is a revolution, defining the future of work. The Agile HR Community provides training and certification workshops that help you acquire these new skills, apply them directly in your work and future-proof your career. Join the next Agile HR Certified Practitioner program in Sydney on 29th & 30th October.

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