What We Offer

Agile for HR - Consultancy and Coaching

Agile for HR is all about how we help Human Resource (HR) teams revolutionise their results by applying Agile mindset and techniques directly to their own work.

How we partner:

  1. Mindset shift - Build a shared vision of Agile and how it translates into HR, people and culture through interactive learning workshops and training.

  2. Agile experience - Intensive, focused iterative experience where HR teams learn by doing, and apply Agile techniques to solve a complex problem or deliver a project.

  3. Agile coaching - Regular Agile coaching to guide continuous development and build a successful model of Agile working and collaboration.


HR for Agile - Consultancy and Coaching

HR for Agile is all about how we help Human Resources (HR) co-create awesome, user friendly, human-centric workplace practices and people development solutions.

We cover all the vital topics of performance management, talent, reward, recruitment, L&D (learning and development), engagement and leadership development.

We also help steer the people side of Agile and digital organisational transformation, to build the networks and Agile leadership necessary to scale Agile.


Agile HR Learning Workshops & Training

Start the mindset shift or further strengthen skills with hands-on learning experiences in Agile and how it translates into a Human Resources, business or leadership context. Our fun and interactive workshops are simulated like an Agile sprint (in Scrum) and use techniques like Kanban boards, user stories, stand-ups and time-boxed activities.

"I’ve worked with a lot of workshop facilitators and devised and run quite a few workshops myself and I genuinely believe you’re the best I’ve come across." - Dan from Kantar

Training workshops are organised through our our sister organisation, the Agile HR Community.


Keynote and Speaking

Natal Dank, our founder, is mighty passionate about the restorative power of Agile, not just for the Human Resources profession but for the future of work. Natal's style of high energy and fun is infectious, and will help to ignite discussion and excitement at your conference or event.


Agile HR Events

Join our ever growing global learning network of HR professionals and Agile enthusiasts. 

Just like Agile there are no prescribed formulas that magically make Agile HR happen, and it's vital to learn from a variety of case studies and experiences. Our Agile HR events bring people together to share stories and ideas in how to evolve your own approach and practices. As such, it’s a type of support group, because being a pioneer can be challenging at times.